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#1 AEP Central Machine Shop, Charleston, WV

Photographing people in large industrial locations presents endless color balance challenges.  These challenges are great opportunities to manipulate color in post-production.  The scenes below have six light sources, all of a different color temperature, (daylight, mercury vapor, sodium vapor, strobes, fluorescent, and the test gun's light).  This begs the question, "So what's normal color?".  This is where experience and artistic interpretation come in.  The art director guided me to the tone an feel he wanted in the finished pieces.  They are now part of the AEP Sustainability Report for 2013.


This shop is amazing!  Over 4 football fields in length, the building has seen many changes over the years, including service during WWII as a foundry for big battle ship guns.  The barrels and components were all poured and machined on-site, then transported to the shipyards on the east coast.  The theory being, the manufacturing of these guns and their munitions (next door) were much more protected inland.


Now, the building serves as a machine shop to maintain large electric turbines.  During periodic maintenance every blade is inspected for the smallest of stresses and cracks.  Using specialized electrolytes and light-guns to reveal defects the unaided eye would not be able to see, inspectors can make note of any needed repairs.


These inspections are meticulous.  Once needed repairs are identified, the entire turbine is disassembled, fixed and reassembled.

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