Tom Dubanowich


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Columbus, Ohio 43212

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Agriculture is the business sector that drives our economy.  Farmers, Ranchers and Cowboys have always been my hero's.  Agri-business is unique with a fluid business model and yearly unforeseen risks.  Farmers were the first environmentalists.  Many still live on the very land they cultivate.  Imagine if factory owners lived on or near the properties where their factories are located.  Much of agriculture has become mechanized and industrialized, but the soil still gets tilled by a farmer, the seeds still get planted by a farmer and the crops stll get harvested by a farmer.  Those crops feed you, feed the food you eat or get used in the materials and clothing we touch everyday.  Almost everything we take for granted throughout our day was made possible because a farmer committed their labor months or even years prior.  If you get a chance, thank a farmer for ... well, just being a farmer.