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Columbus Ohio commercial photographer Tom Dubanowich specializes in the photography of people on location for advertising, annual report, corporate and editorial uses. Tom captures evocative, honest images of people of all ages. Whether a single portrait of an executive, or a campaign of highly stylized scenes representing a “slice of real life”, Tom delivers photographs not available in stock form. From complicated multi-layered panorama builds to single shots with impact, Tom applies his story telling ability to bring depth and a unique narrative to the client’s message. His good energy and easy manner make project run smooth and have put countless clients at ease. Discover what many corporate directors and creative directors already know. Tom is the easy call.

Tom is the easy call because projects get done on time and on budget. He utilizes a vast network of assistants, stylist and production assistants. His post-production, color management, compositing and retouching can’t be beat. We work to make the art director’s visions become reality.

We are visual collaborators with a focus the clients mission to reach their audience with the best images possible. Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, trust Tom to deliver value for each dollar spent.

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#5 Recent Columbus Monthly

Photo Editors have a difficult job balancing copy space with image space, especially when the images tell a great story.

I always see it as my job, to make the editor's job harder by producing compelling evocative images. These are images from a recent photo shoot at the Columbus Urban League and CUL supported initiatives for Columbus Monthly Magazine.









#4 "Rural" and "Urban" Delaware County as represented in aerial photography.

These images were recently installed in the Delaware Co. Courthouse as part of their perinent collection in the courtroom of Magistrate David Laughlin.



These aerials were made possible with great help from Packer Aviation of Delaware Co.

Thank you to Richard and Rich Packer!



Stainless steel stand-offs were used to work-a-round the exsisting surface mounted electrical conduit that could not be moved.  The stand-offs proved to be a great resource to add dimension to the work and solve a challenge with style.


#3 Retouching Judges

Assembling a large group of important people for a formal image is difficult these days.  Many times not everyone who needs to appear in the image can cooordinate their schedules.  Whether it is a Board of Directors or in this case 17 judges from the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas scheduling is difficult.  Retouching can save the day.  This is a great example of simplly dropping in a subject who just could not make the photo session, and how some additional photoshop retouching can spruce up the final image.  Proper planning allowed for the Photoshop retouching to be eccomically cost effective.




#2 Wendys Day-to-Night


Timing is Everything:
After a Police cruiser ran into the side of this Prototype store, setting up a "Night" shot was no longer an option.

This "Before" image was produced on the Sunday morning prior to Tuesday's Grand Opening.  At a meeting on Tuesday, it was decided a night image would have greater impact.  Re-shoot vs. Retouch was discussed from both a cost and timing standpoint.  I felt certain I could utilize Photoshop to create the dramatic look desired.  On Wednesday the accident happened. Now, I had to come through.  The dramatic night version was used to reveal the new store design and logo.
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